Clyde "Butch" Nassau

He has left us to return to the stars as dust.

Clyde Charles Nassau died Friday, December 4th 2015 at his home in Spring, TX. His long battle with heart disease and cancer led to his eventual demise at age 73.

He was born March 17, 1942 in Keokuk Iowa, the son of Dorothy Nassau Phillips, who preceded him in death as did his only brother Bradley Phillips.

He graduated from Rock Island High School in Rock Island IL. in 1960. He was in the gas/oil industry as a salesman most of his adult working life. He married Darlene LaPalm in January of 1978 in Whittier, CA.

He is survived by his nephew Joshua Phillips and great nephews Kane, Ivan and Nox.

Clyde's love of history led him to write a published novel of military espionage in the WWII era. His other love was drag racing. He continued building cars until his last day. He requested no memorial and his cremated ashes to be spread to the winds.

All are invited to share memories of him with we who loved and appreciated his humor and intelligence. Your stories will be added daily as they are told.

He is, and will continue to be, dearly missed.

Aquarium with Josh and Kane.

Opening his book with Josh.

One of his dragsters.

Christmas with Josh, Kane, Scoot and Carmel.

Florida, I think.

In front of his nephew's clothing store in IL.

At Josh's store.

Christmas with Brad, Gwen and Josh.

Christmas with Josh, Doni, Ivan, Joey and Renee.

With Doni and Ivan.

Christmas poker.

Does this look like a camel to you?


Race car broke his foot.

Sorting noodles?

Clyde and Darlene

70th Birthday Party

Vintage gifts for a viintage guy.

Air museum in Australia.

Clyde being funny.

Working on a racer with Josh.

Doing what he loved.

Dingos kill sheep here!

McArthur's desk in Australia.

Crocodile Hunter's Zoo

Brad, Josh, Gwen and Darlene

Pushing his nostalgia car.

Meet the author, Paws for a Cause.

One of Darlene's favorites.

Turning 60 in Willets, CA.
(Doni's favorite)

His good friend wasn't in Australia.

Christmas with great-nephew Ivan.

Christmas with Brad and Gwen.


Visiting Australia.

Wedding to Darlene LaPalm.

He could have been a crocodile hunter.

Steve Hyche Racing.

Noosa, AU

Morton Island, AU

Bull wranglers.

We would live in the bush in this place.

We won!

We didn't surf but it's a lovely place.

Stories By His Friends & Family

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-   Marty Hoffeditz

Clyde spent time living with us at SIU. Very funny guy and one of the reasons we didn't get our damage deposit back.


-   Steve Urie

Yep, Clyde was ahead of his time -- he could have taught Thoreau some things on civil disobedience. When we were sophomores, he may have been the only senior that I had even a nodding acquaintance with -- I think he liked the hero worship. I'm not even sure how we became friendly, but it was probably in detention. His record at Rocky will never be equaled, and if they keep international records, he's got to be in the Hall of Fame. I believe Judd Nelson's role in The Breakfast Club is based on Clyde's high school story.

The last time I saw him, he was sitting on the tennis court bleachers, smoking a cigarette. It was a couple of weeks after school was out. I asked what he was doing there. He said working off his detentions, so that he could graduate. Seems he had 60 more than there were school nights to serve them, and he was working maintenance until he was released from Rocky.


-   Dave Ray

Clyde was one of a kind when we met at Washington Junior High. To this day people tell the story about him standing in the middle of players from an opposing team. It was a punt and they surrounded the ball as it was rolling dead. Before the whistle was blown, Clyde picked up the ball and ran out of the circle for a touchdown of over 90 yards. The coach yelled at him to not pick it up and then cheered for Clyde when scored. His good friend Al Day and Clyde were great at creating entertainment and testing the teachers humor.

He and Bob Libby were famous for their blind man routine at the U of Illinois. I would see them on campus with Bob wearing sunglasses and pretending to be blind. Clyde would be at his side helping him across campus. Bob would accidentally walk into a beautiful coed and then Clyde would apologize I never saw him after that semester but his stories lived on in the RI area. I especially like the black leather jacket in some of his pictures.

It is great to see that he had a wonderful family and life. He always lived with no fear and with a love for humor.

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